Sunday, January 15, 2012

Flooding: Update 9 - Bar Demolition

Basement Bar Demolition

As I mentioned in my last flooding update, we were forced to demolish the bar in the basement. Scott has worked very hard on the demolition.

Basement Bar Demolition

Taking down the tiled bar top was especially difficult.

Basement Bar Demolition

It was made by screwing down through particle board that was also liquid nailed to the structure. Then the tiles were mortared directly to the particle board. Although particle board is not a proper substrate for tile, the mortar hung tight onto it, and there was no way to unscrew it from below. (Particle board should not be used because if it gets wet somehow -- through cracks, steam from a dishwasher, or some other water from below -- it will swell and the tile will be destroyed. A better way is to mount cement backer board on top of plywood for strength. Materials that have different expansion rates should not be affixed to each other in a way that will not allow for expansion, or there will eventually be cracking and breakage.) There was a lot of hard chiseling necessary to remove the tiles and uncover the screws. Eventually, Scott was able to rip out the remaining screws.

Basement Bar Demolition

On Friday, a couple of friends helped Scott haul the refrigerator to the curb. Only the counter and cabinet at the sink and dishwasher remains.

Remember, this is what it looked like before:

Basement Bar

I think it will be even better when we're done. We'll be bringing back the wood paneling, but adding more storage, and more style.

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