Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 Round Up

In 2011, I learned a bit about sewing and fitting garments, knitted some lovely projects, spun yarn gardened, tried cooking some things that intimidated me, visited cool places in the area, lived through a sewage back up, worked on the house, and learned about mixed drinks.

How did I do on my goals for 2011?

First, my knitting and spinning the goals:

  1. Finish at least 12 projects.  I finished 11 and got very close to two more, and at least half-way on a third.
  2. Finish everything currently in my Ravelry queue. Two of the almost finished projects were from my queue, and there are two more projects I never got to.  I did finish the others in my queue.
  3. Use up all of the remaining commercial yarn in my stash. Not so much  I have five commercial yarns left that I started the year with last year.  On the other hand, I have used the oldest yarns.
  4. Spin one colorway per month. Pretty badly failed.  I only spun a little after April, as I let myself get intimidated by prepping fiber.
  5. Cold sheep yarn until I run out of commercial yarn. Accomplished!  I only bought for project completion.
  6. Cold sheep fiber all year. Accomplished!
  7. Knit at least one item using handspun for every four projects. Not quite.  I knit two items with handspun.
  8. Minimize pattern & book purchases. Very few bought.
  9. Knit 1 hour a day. I did well at the beginning of the year, but tapered off.
I also want to recommit to my past goals:
  1. Finish other unfinished projects not related to knitting.  I did some, including the Crepe, but not many.
  2. No new hobbies. I forgot about this one.  Oops!
  3. Use my craft supply stash.  Pretty successful, actually.
  4. Make more bread. Sadly, not much!
  5. Continue to decrease my consumption of processed food. Okay, not as good as when I was in Georgia, but still less than Scott is used to.
  6. Continue to buy organic, free range meats and eggs.  Progress.
  7. Continue to eat local in-season vegetables. Pretty good.
  8. Continue to choose local options for cheese, wine, beer, etc.  Good!
  9. More canning & freezing.  Participating in the Zymology Guild helped, but I still need to pick up some of the jars I've "banked".
  10. Make any new clothing or buy from small producers/handmade or second hand.  Success, but I mostly accomplished this by getting very few new clothes.
  11. Declutter.  Some progress.
Of course, the other main goal is:
  1. Get a job or go back to school.  Erm... I seem to be right about the same spot as I was then.  Feels a bit like a lost year.

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