Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goals for 2012

Given how last year went, I think I also should make goals for 2012, and see if I can have a bit more success.  I am going to apply the tips for success shared by Gretchin Rubin and Christie Morgan.

General Goals:
  1. Work toward getting a job or going back to school every single workday.  That can include studying for my LEED accreditation, updating and filling out my portfolio, researching or contacting employers, or making, photographing, or posting items to sell on Etsy.  As long as I keep working on it, I'm not failing.
  2. Post at least three topics a week.  I've felt pretty bad about how my posts have dwindled, and I'm sure that has something to do with my low number of followers, since I have far more followers on Pinterest -- mostly strangers -- and I pin much more often.  I'm contemplating doing some round-ups.  Also, having the regularly scheduled Wednesday posts makes it easier to keep to posting, as you can tell by the fact that these have become my primary posts.  I may start some other series as well.  I've also taken over posting on my dance class' website, so I've got to fit that in as well.
  3. Focus on doing things myself rather than watching and reading about what others are doing.  That means less blog reading, TV watching, etc. and more doing.
  4. Exercise at least three days a week.
I also want to recommit to my past goals:
  1. Finish unfinished projects.
  2. No new hobbies.
  3. Use my craft supply stash.
  4. Make either bread or cakes at least every other week.
  5. Continue to decrease my consumption of processed food. Less guilty snack foods, more real lunches.
  6. Continue to buy organic, free range meats and eggs.
  7. Continue to eat local in-season vegetables.
  8. Continue to choose local options for cheese, wine, beer, etc.
  9. Canning & freeze all garden produce not eaten immediately.  Pick frequently and maybe even buy tomatoes to make canned sauce.
  10. Declutter something every workday.
I've already posted my fiber goals on Ravelry.  They are as follows:
  1. Finish at least 12 projects.
  2. Finish everything I already had a plan for before the start of 2012. That would include three WIPS (a cardigan, a toy, and a shawl), and get me an additional shawl, pair of socks, scarf, and two pullovers.
  3. Use up all of the remaining commercial yarn in my stash. That’s eight entries, three of which are included in current WIPs, and three others are associated with planned projects.
  4. Spin one colorway per month, until I run out of small batches, then at least 4 oz per month.
  5. Cold sheep yarn until I run out of commercial yarn. Exceptions only for project completion.
  6. Cold sheep fiber all year. I must start processing my unprocessed fibers and spinning my large batches.
  7. Knit at least three items using handspun.
  8. Minimize pattern & book purchases. I will buy some books and magazines to show support for my LYS, but I will keep these to a minimum and use the patterns I already own first.
  9. Knit every day.
  10. Spin at least once a week.
  11. Post my goals every month, with concrete plans for each month.  This will help me stay on track.
  12. Use fabric stash - at least one sewn item per month.

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