Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Alpaca handspun & knitting

Alpaca handspun

I finished spinning the alpaca sampler by winding it into a center pull ball and plying it onto itself from either end of the ball.

felted slippers

Today, I attached leather bottoms to the felted slippers I made for Scott last year.

Crocheted jade bracelet

I also crocheted a new red bracelet for my jade beads to replace the knitted one that didn't work out so well due to wearing through the single strand at each bead. This time I tried crochet, even though I don't really know how to do many stitches. I used DMC pearl cotton, which I think will be stronger, and I was able to thread the beads onto a crochet chain, which should be stronger than the single thread. Then I used the other two stitches I know -- single crochet and slip stitch -- to thicken the strands between the beads, and I surrounded each bead on the outside with three other crochet strands.

Nessie In Progress

Last week, when I couldn't get my car to start, at first I was waiting to get to the store to buy fiberfill to stuff a knitted toy I am working on for my coussin's baby, due this spring. On Friday, I realized that I have about a pound of organic cotton fiber from a UGA test farm. I stuffed the body, and now have to knit the rest.

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