Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Goals: January

I plan to post my goals every month to help keep me on track.  Here are my plans for January:

General Goals:
  1. Every workday either: read at least one section of LEED, work on one portfolio piece, contact at least one employer, or photograph items to sell on Etsy.
  2. Post at least three topics a week: one fiber arts, one cocktail, and one other.
  3. Focus on doing things myself: complete something photographable every day.
  4. Exercise at least three days a week: dance, yoga and/or biking.

From past goals:
  1. Finish unfinished projects - In addition to this month's knitting, spinning, and sewing goals, I will make and send the Christmas cards I initially didn't make enough of.
  2. Make a chocolate cake as soon as the apple pie is gone. Bake bread at least once.
  3. Decrease my consumption of processed food: victory at the store - no chips or similar guilty snacks.
  4. Visit the local fishmonger I just found.
  5. Declutter something every workday.

Fiber goals
  1. Finish my Scandinavian cardigan and Nessie. Work on my peacock shawl.  Sew leather soles onto  Scott's knitted slippers.
  2. Prep and spin Georgia Oaks Farm Alpaca sampler.
  3. Cold sheep yarn and fiber.
  4. Knit every day, starting today.
  5. Spin or prep fiber at least once a week.
  6. Sew steampunk petticoat.

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