Friday, September 10, 2010

Shipping Containers, Tomatoes and a Mouse

Tomato millefeuille

This morning, my things arrived, including my camera.  I am looking forward to showing you some of the things I have been talking about.

First, I must say how happy I am with my experience with ABF's U-pack moving service.  Thanks to them, I was able to move my things across the country at about the price of renting a truck, without having to drive the truck myself or tow my car behind.  Given that I am now unemployed, I couldn't justify getting movers or the extra cost of certain similar services, but I have been really pleased with ABF.  Everything seems to be just the way it was when Scott and his friends wedged it in there back in Georgia.  I have unloaded a lot of the lighter stuff, and we'll deal with the rest this evening.

After some time unloading, I made myself the lovely lunch you see above, a tomato millefeuille.  In the background, you can see what is left of the tomatoes I harvested Wednesday -- a lot, I know.  One of the things I did as I made my meal plan was try to figure out how I could use those tomatoes up.  The first thing I did was turn to a search on Food Gawker, which is a fabulous site that conglomerates many food blogs, giving a quick peek into each one.  My lunch photo may not be quite as lovely as that taken by the recipe poster, but it turned out quite tasty.  My next step, I think, is to make a lot of tomato sauce before the rest go bad.

Here's a peek at the garden they came from:

Michigan veggie garden

Michigan veggie garden

After I came inside from taking these photos, I saw the cat, Hoser, rooting around in a bag on the dining room floor. He picked up something in his mouth and ran off with it. I thought it was a bag of trash, and I went after him to collect whatever had struck his fancy. When I found him, I discovered that he had trapped a tiny grey mouse. I picked it up and took it outside. I have no idea how the mouse got in the house, but if it gets back in, I know Hoser is a diligent guard.

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