Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bread and Onion Soup


After my nap this morning and some cough drops, I felt considerably better, but still under the weather enough to want soup for dinner. I baked a loaf of bread, to which I added a bit too much water, so it's a little chewy and wouldn't hold it's shape well, but still tasted fairly good.

I also dealt with the paperwork for my Cobra and 401(k) rollover, plus I confirmed my renter's insurance after receiving confusing paperwork.

Then I made French onion soup from scratch, using Julia Child's recipe -- except that I couldn't find any cognac in the house so I used calvados instead. Scott was even ok with the soup, plus more bread, for dinner. This surprised me because last week, when I made Gazpacho, it became clear that soup with no meat in it only constitutes an appetizer for him. Also, he's not a big fan of onions, or onion soup, for that matter. He was a good sport to try it, and even though it still isn't his favorite thing, I think he was pleasantly surprised.

Right now, he is installing the new gas dryer. In July or August, his washer broke. He tried to fix it, but was forced to buy a new one. Then, just a few weeks later, his dryer broke. It would still tumble on air dry, but it wouldn't heat, and once again he was forced to purchase a new one. I've been doing a load or two a day for the last little while, and I fear that running the dryer on air dry for hours will not have been kind to the electricity bill. In the good news department, the delivery man said that he also owned the brand (LG) that we bought, and it is the most reliable and long-lasting. Here's hoping this pair earns that reputation.

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