Friday, February 24, 2012

Scandinavian Cardigan Finished

Scandinavian Cardigan - installing the zipper

This week, I managed to finally work past my aversion to hand sewing and install the zipper in my scandinavian colorwork cardigan. I've worn it several times, intending to photograph it, but when I finally got to it today, my camera batteries were dead, and we have no additional batteries left. Therefor, please forgive the iPhone photos. I think that if I don't go ahead and post it, it will never get done.

Scandinavian Cardigan - installing the zipper

I think that with hand knitting, it's really best to hand sew in zippers, because I'm afraid the garment could easily get deformed and stretched unevenly while sewing on the machine. I even attach a ribbon on each side of the opening as a stabilizer before adding the zipper. I sewed two lines of catch stitch on each length of ribbon to secure it.

Scandinavian Cardigan - Zipper installation

On the zipper itself, I sewed a line of catch stitch and a line of backstitch right next to the zipper teeth.

Scandinavian Cardigan

Now, it's ready to be worn, but I may finish it later with another layer of ribbon over the inside of the zipper.

Scandinavian cardigan

I designed this cardigan using the Classic Raglan Cardigan formula from Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top and stranded colorwork patterns found in Traditional Scandinavian Knitting by Sheila McGregor.

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