Friday, February 3, 2012

Motivational baking

40's hair

Yesterday, I did my hair up using this tutorial from Casey of Elegant Musings, which I found on Charlotte of Tuppence Haypenny's post about hairdos for wearing hats. It was surprisingly easy, and I was feeling motivated. I also made pizza from scratch, and chocolate cake.

Chocolate sponge cake fail

The cake, on the other hand was a bit of a failure. I made the chocolate sponge cake (Marquis) from Julia Child's cook book and the first buttercream icing (menagère). Unfortunately, the cake didn't rise and crack as expected, and I left it in the oven too long, so it got a bit of a cracked crust on top, and for some reason, it wouldn't turn out of the pans. Maybe it has something to do with the oven being lower temperature than it should have been. I only found out when I tried to turn it up. Stupid thing won't automatically adjust the heat when the oven is opened, and I rearranged the racks. Under the cracking crust, it was still moist and spongey, so at Scott's suggestion, I iced it in the pan like a brownie and we ate it out of the pan.

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