Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Flooding: Update 10 - Bar Demolition

Basement - behind the walls in the bar

The other thing that happened this past week and weekend was that we hired a dumpster and threw out almost everything from the old bar into it, including huge, heavy pieces of tiled countertop. Once we had the cabinets out, we pulled out the damaged wall behind them as well.

Basement - behind the walls

Lo and behold, a lot of the construction behind there was crazy, and I'm not just talking about the layers of dryer lint covering everything. I did remove most of that before these photos were taken. The water and gas pipes weren't properly secured. The wiring was a rat's nest, and we already learned earlier in this process that some lights are actually on two breakers.

Basement - behind the walls

Finally, the dryer vent was not only held up with duct tape wrapped around the studs, but also insulated with what looks like fiberfill. Not only does a dryer vent not need to be insulated, but it's not a good idea to insulate a hot duct with flammable material. Finally, the ceiling and wal had been cut out to accomodate and expose all of this unnecessary insulation, and the wall had been "patched" with a ceiling tile. Classy.

Having this wall open should give us the opportunity to fix the wiring and other craziness, so we know it's built right before we close it up and finish it off.

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