Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Progress and Inspiration

Over the last two days, while I had no internet access, I painted more of the kitchen. On Monday night, we went to the hardware store and priced some things and purchased others. One thing we got was a new light for the kitchen to replace the cheesy chandelier that was there. Scott installed it last night.

Kitchen Progress

He also very kindly sanded the rest of the spots that I had plastered, since sanding is one of my absolutely least favorite task. Today, I primed the rest of the walls, except the one behind the appliances because I was unable to move them.

Kitchen Progress

At the moment, the kitchen looks pretty boring, though it is certainly better than it was before. What I am planning is inspired by some traditional scandinavian interiors, which I of course can't find good images of now. Here is an inspiration photo of a bespoke kitchen made by Plain English Design that really captures what I'm going for. I like the shaker-like simplicity I even like the pendant lamps.

I am going for a very similar color on the cabinets. The color I got at the hardware store is the color that Alicia Paulson used in her studio, which is also similar to the color that my friend Duien painted her craft room. I am a little concerned that the color looked very light on the color card, but then again the living room color in the last house I lived in looked barely green on the color card. Here's what it looked like in real life:


If the blue ends up too light, then I will make the final coat the next shade darker. I only got a quart, which will hopefully be enough. Here are some other images of similar kitchens:

I'm thinking about curtains like this as a possibility:

And so I leave you with your moment of Zen, sleeping Hoser:

Hoser Sleeping

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