Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Lately, I have been neglecting the garden. I was thinking that there were no tomatoes anywhere near ripe; the potatoes, beets and carrots will keep; and the beans were almost done. Well, I went out there, and harvested beans today because I had finally resolved to deal with blanching and freezing the drawer full of green beans I already had. I thought I would add what few beans were in the garden, from these "almost done" bean plants.

Green Bean Harvest

If there is anything this bean harvest looks like, it is not the harvest from an almost finished plant.

Tonight, I'll be pairing some of these green beans with other local produce, purple potatoes:

Purple Potatoes

We will also likely be eating the last of the apple pie we made Sunday from Ida Red apples we picked Sunday at Wasem Fruit Farm. I forgot my camera, but you can see what remains of our 1/2 bushel.

Ida Red Apples

We also made little mini half-moon shaped pies for Scott to take to work with him. I have yet to do anything with the raspberries we picked except eat them alone.

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  1. Hooray produce! :)

    We just picked a bunch of apples at the local apple orchard too. They're super-delicious.

    Well done with growing vegetables!