Friday, October 8, 2010

Around the House

To give you a little update about some of the things I have taken care of this week, I will begin with the garden.

Today, I took this unruly bed:

Garden Before

With this hosta being the only plant actually intentionally installed there:

Garden Before

And, accompanied by Thander:


I weeded it and reset some of the bordering bricks:

Garden After

Yesterday, I raked the lawn and planted this blueberry bush:

Blueberry Bush

Yes that is the "regular" dirt color. Georgia gardeners, be envious.

I also tried to mow the lawn, but was embarrassingly incapable of starting either mower.

Earlier in the week, I cleaned and organized the second kitchen. Yes, we have two fully functional kitchens, complete with stoves and even dishwashers. The one in the basement is usually known as the bar:

Basement Bar

You can see why. It is mostly used for parties, and the rest of the time, the basement is a bit of a workshop. While I wouldn't want to take either of those functions away, I do have some ideas about how to make it a more pleasant space to be in.

With the bar's much larger counter space, I think it may be a better place for canning than the regular kitchen. We haven't attempted canning yet, though we did receive most of Scott's parents' supplies, and I looked into canning resources, including the National Center for Home Food Preservation, Organic, and some canning specific blogs. I started by making a tomato sauce for canning. I used what I think is called a Chinese sieve for getting the seeds out of the sauce, and making it nice and smooth.

Making tomato sauce

The sauce turned out really well. Just the right consistency. In the end, though, we used it all before we got to canning it.

Pickles are currently next on the docket.

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