Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paint Progress

Today should be my final day of painting. Good thing, too, since we are having a lot of people over on Friday for a Halloween party.

Light blue cabinets

I did end up thinking that the Benjamin Moore Buxton Blue was too light. In our house full of dark colors, it ended up reading as baby blue, which wasn't good. On Monday we went to the closest hardware store and got a gallon of Dutch Boy Founding Father.

Painted cabinets

Remember, here's my inspiration, from Plain English Designs:

I'm really frustrated with myself because I think it isn't right either. I think if I hadn't been so impatient, and we had gone to the other hardware store and gotten the Benjamin Moore Jamestown Blue, which is the darker version of the Buxton Blue, then I would have had exactly what I wanted. I should have trusted my original instinct in the store that the Buxton Blue would be too light. And I should have brought home a color card and thought about it all more. I didn't have a color card at home when I decided to go darker, and I would have had to drive to the store to get one before I made my decision, whereas the other store was right around the corner, and I had a couple of colors I was looking at from there, plus I had tried to go to the other store the day before, but they were already closed. I was just too impatient, and now I think the color is too dark and kind of a boring plain blue whereas I wanted a greener, grayer blue. It's good enough, I suppose, and if the walls weren't primer white, it would probably be better. It's definitely not exactly what I wanted, but I am not going to do any more painting now. I am far too frustrated about having my kitchen and entire living area turned upside down, plus the price of paint is really adding up.

What I am totally pleased with is the repair job that Scott did on the cabinets over the sink.

As you can see, there was a stupid gap between the end of the top moulding on the side and the end on the front. This was on both cabinets on either side of the sink.

Cabinet repair before

Scott filled it in beautifully with wood putty, perfectly mimicking the molding itself.

Completed cabinet repair

I am painting the final doors today, and I will show some after photos when have put them up.

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