Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Paper Flowers

A month or so ago, I dealt with some of my flower envy by making some paper flowers and putting them on a branch on the mantle. I used this tutorial. Now, I finally have real flowers in my yard.

Purple Iris

This is the iris I bought on Saturday, at Eastern Market. I haven't decided where to plant it yet. It isn't the only thing growing in my yard, though.

Hostas and daylilies

The hostas and daylilies I posted pictures of emerging from the groud are getting bigger.

Blueberry bush

The blueberry bush I feared was dead is showing leaves.

Cedar raised beds

Scott built and I built a second cedar raised bed. This one is tiered and will be filled with strawberries and rhubarb. It also wraps around the cherry tree and raspberry bush Scott planted last summer.

Cedar raised beds

Unfortunately, while tamping it down to level it, one of the side boards split. It will be fixed before we fill it with dirt. I'm not 100% sure when that will happen, given how busy we are and the possibility of rain, but I want to get the plants outside and going.

Raspberry bush

The raspberry bush is growing strong.

Cherry tree

The cherry tree as well.

Cherry blossoms

The plethora of beautiful blooms promises many cherries to come.

Japanese magnolia

We also have a beautiful japanese magnolia tree filling the side yard with beautiful blossoms.

Japanese magnolia

In other people's yards, daffodils are blooming, simultaneously with tulips, dandelions and forsythia. It's s bit strage to me to have these all at the same time.

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