Friday, May 27, 2011

Flooding: Update 1

Ruined belongings at curb

We have accomplished a lot since the drain line cleared out yesterday, but it takes a really long time to get things done. I think I spent about six hours with the wet-vac, just to go over the carpet once, suck up the water and get it to a state resembling dry. We also filled an entire box full of garbage bags and Scott hauled them and some ruined furniture to the street. Once the carpet was pretty much dry, it was already past the time Scott had planned to stop, and we called it a night.

Priority tasks for today:
1. Get water heater working
2. Remove couch and other remaining destroyed stuff (mostly Scott's terrain boards for miniatures gaming)
3. Remove unaffected keeper items so cabinets and shelving can be moved. In progress.
4. Get washer and dryer working and begin sanitizing clothes that got caught in the flood. (Yay, sanitary setting on washer! Also, we're pretty sure the washer and dryer still work, I just want to thoroughly clean/inspect them before turning them on.)
5. Remove baseboard. In progress.
6. Remove lower drywall or at least cut vent holes. In progress.
7. Remove water from floor for a second time.
8. Shampoo carpet. (Even if it can't be saved, we'll shampoo it once before ripping it out and getting in close contact with it. There is no padding, so it might be salvageable -- with at least three shampooings.) Carpet removal in progress.
9. Bleach clean items to save.

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