Friday, May 20, 2011

Edible Bushes

Black currant flowers

Wednesday, I stopped by English Gardens to pick up some shrubs, since they are having a big sale this week. Even though I'm worried a lot about spending money while I'm unemployed, I think it's important to get plants as soon as possible, especially the big ones, since I want them to grow in, and they'll need time.

I went in looking to plant hydrangeas, and came out with something else entirely. They didn't have any oak leaf hydrangeas, and I decided to be picky, and not settle for another type. I will have to check the other local nurseries for the kind of hydrangea I would like. I am actually contemplating viburnum, which has a similar flower, but is evergreen. The other thing that I looked at was edible plants. We we intend to plant edibles not just in our raised beds, but also as landscaping. With this in mind, I came home with two black currant bushes and a quince bush.

Black currants

I planted the black currants in the back yard, right next to the entrance to the vegetable garden. You can see black currant flowers in the photo at the beginning of the post.

Quince bush planted

I planted the quince in the front.

Quince bush

I had to split a hosta to get the quince into a good spot for it to fill out.

Quince fruit

It should have beautiful red flowers in the spring, and it already has some fruit starting.

Back door

That still leaves me with this area by the back door to figure out what to do with. This is the spot I'm contemplating placing hydrangeas or viburnum, or perhaps some beautiful rhododendron that I saw at the nursery. Any thoughts?

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