Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flower Day at Eastern Market

After Scott and I attended our first ball together -- and Scott's first ball ever -- we needed to rest our feet. Scott did really well and danced half of the dances on a tricky program. I'm excited to be dancing more with him, and I'll be teaching class on Monday night.

Sunday afternoon, we headed over to Eastern Market for the annual Flower Day event. All of the sheds were full of plants. We battled the rain and 44ºF weather, as well as the fact that we had forgotten to remove the huge bags of mulch from my trunk, but we still brought home a small haul.

Eastern Market Flower Day Haul



We brought home two flats of strawberries (18 plants in each at just $20 each), which will go in the new raised beds as soon as we've filled them.

Ostrich Fern

We got three Ostrich Ferns,


Two Montrose Ruby Heuchera


And two rosemary bushes. We bought big rosemary bushes (just $7 a pop) because we hope that larger ones might survive the winter. Yesterday, I popped the bushes in the front window box temporarily. They'll probably go in the ground once I figure out where they should go.

Obviously, I also need to figure out what's happening with this window box. The griffon needs repainting, and the dead herbs from last year need to be replaced. The sage is the only thing that survived. I liked the idea of having the herbs there, but I would also like to have something permanent filling out this area. Another progress area.

New plantings

Yesterday, I planted the ferns and the heuchera around the chinese magnolia. (Those huge branches leaning against the fence are branches I have to deal with before the city will pick them up.)

I also discovered that some of the asparagus that I had given up on are actually growing!


The blueberry is leafing out.

Whirlwind Hosta

The little whirlwind hostas I planted are finally coming up.


The daylillies are getting big.

The yard still has a long way to go, though. Now, it's time for me to go and do some more.

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