Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flooding: Update 2

Water (& sewage) logged insulation

We have gotten a lot of help from Scott's parents and his cousin, and a huge amount of progress has been made. We have ripped up all of the carpet, and torn out the gyp board along the exterior walls of the main room. The picture above shows how soaked the insulation was before we removed it. It's out now on all of those walls, and we just have interior walls and the exterior walls at the bathroom and laundry room left to go. We have bleach mopped a lot of the concrete slab, but there is still plenty of bleaching left to go.

The good news is that since what we have is a sewage backup, the insurance company will treat it differently from a flood. Still no word on what, if anything, they will cover.

Priority tasks for today:

1. Remove lower drywall and wet portions of insulation.
2. Remove any remaining destroyed stuff or things we decide can't be salvaged after all.
3. Remove unaffected keeper items so cabinets and shelving can be moved. Mostly done.
4. Bleach clean items to save.

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