Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years Goals: 2012 Recap

Here we are at a new year, and of course that has me wanting to put my goals in writing and recommit/commit to them. It also makes me want to take a look back at the year and see how I did at accomplishing my goals.

When I look back at my goals for 2012, I find myself looking at things that I was considering as resolutions for 2013, not realizing that I was supposed to be implementing them all year! This really comes down to me failing to review and recommit to my goals frequently. I also feel that the list was far too long. Although individual items may have seemed small and manageable, they just piled up to an overwhelmingly long litany. I believe that was more of a hinderance than a help.

So how did I do?

General Goals:

Work toward getting a job or going back to school every single workday. I did that sometimes, but only really got consistant when a friend became my accountability partner and asked me what I had done each day. And thanks to that effort, I did get a job.

Post at least three topics a week. This is one goal I had totally forgotten that I had made.

Focus on doing things myself rather than watching and reading about what others are doing. I did better at this at the beginning of the year.

Exercise at least three days a week. Not lately!

Finish unfinished projects. Success on the knitting front, at least. Not with much else, though.

No new hobbies. Pretty good on that front.

Use my craft supply stash. Little bought, but little used other than yarn and fibre.

Make either bread or cakes at least every other week. Did I really resolve to do this that frequently?

Continue to decrease my consumption of processed food. Better maybe, good, no.

Continue to buy organic, free range meats and eggs. Ok, but not ideal when it comes to meat.

Continue to eat local in-season vegetables. Pretty good.

Continue to choose local options for cheese, wine, beer, etc. Pretty good.

Canning & freeze all garden produce not eaten immediately. So-so. I definitely missed canning some things I could have used. Still, I did put up a lot of tomato sauce and green tomato chutney - I ran out of jars trying to can salsa.

Declutter something every workday. Really, this was a goal I had made?

I've already posted my fiber goals on Ravelry. They are as follows:

Finish at least 12 projects. I only finished nine projects. I let myself get stuck on the frustration of the Cadence socks and didn't finish a thing for months.

Finish everything I already had a plan for before the start of 2012. Still working on one of those projects, and two are in the queue.

Use up all of the remaining commercial yarn in my stash. One sweater's worth to go.

Spin one colorway per month, until I run out of small batches, then at least 4 oz per month. Stopped at the end of the small batches. Have part of a large batch spun up.

Cold sheep yarn until I run out of commercial yarn. Success! Finally, something on the list I did well at. I bought no yarn this year.

Cold sheep fiber all year. Success!

Knit at least three items using handspun. I didn't finish a single thing using handspun, although I am knitting with it now.

Minimize pattern & book purchases. Success! I bought very few patterns, if any.

Knit every day. Sometimes I did fairly well with this, other times, not so much. I find it much easier to do now, as I knit during my lunch break at work.

Spin at least once a week. Decent in the beginning of the year, but total drop off in April or May.

Post my goals every month, with concrete plans for each month. I forgot about this especially when it comes to non-Ravelry goals.

Use fabric stash - at least one sewn item per month. Fail. Very few sewn items.


  1. So how do you feel about your results? I can't tell if you were "meh" or disappointed with yourself. What will you do differently in 2013?

  2. I just posted about my goals for 2013. As for 2012, I suppose that I feel overall that I started off pretty strong, but quickly faded. I think that if I had been more diligent, I could have accomplished more, or accomplished things sooner. Not reviewing my goals definitely had something to do with that. On the whole, I was much more successful with my "no" resolutions than with my "yes" resolutions. I did well at continuing the things that had already become habits, but not at creating new habits.