Tuesday, January 15, 2013


So I had this idea that I was going to be super productive this weekend and get a lot of things done. You ever have one of those weekends? As you might have guessed, I barely worked on anything and managed to mess up the things I did do.  This weekend felt like a big failure.

Saturday, we tried to make mozzarella, but only managed to make something similar to ricotta.  Now, I've made mozzarella before, with my mom. It turned out great, and it was easy. We used the same kit and everything. Maybe the pot we used isn't stainless steel.  Maybe I should have used bottled water rather than deciding that tap would do fine when the recipe said chlorine free.  I don't know.

Sunday, after a meeting with some folks to help plan a dance workshop, I stopped by the super nice fabric store, where they were having a sale. I found some gorgeous stuff, but I had no idea how many yards were needed for any of the projects I wanted to make.  Therefor, I spent hours digging through pattern books and trying to settle on similar items to use to guess the yardage.  What a waste of time.  I only walked out of there with a yard of remnant fabric, for which I now need to figure out what shirt pattern to use, so that I can make something with it right away and not violate my plan.

Today, well, it was a bit better, but I still didn't manage to get my planned stuff done. I couldn't find the supplies I needed.  Instead I cleared off my desk, which was something of an undertaking, as I hadn't dealt with it in a couple of months.  That means progress on the office, rather than progress on the basement, which is what I am trying to concentrate on at the moment.  Ahh, well, I'll have to share pictures tomorrow.

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