Sunday, January 6, 2013

Goals for 2013: Consistency

Given how many goals I failed to meet last year, I think I need to reassess how I am making them.  First of all, I think that I need to make the list shorter, to keep it from being overwhelming. I just wasn't starting small enough.  Secondly, I need to make each resolution about the concrete actions I will take toward achieving my desired outcome rather than the finished goal I will accomplish. Also, I will apply the idea that doing something every day is easier than doing something every once in a while.

The idea is for this year's theme to be "Consistency".

So, here goes:

1. Do something toward my masters degree application every workday.

2. Post every workday, even if it's a small post. Also, this means being more timely in my cocktail posts, and providing more content on other topics.

3. Exercise every day, even if it's only walking the dog.

4. Make something every day.  That could be knitting, sewing, jewelry, bread, etc. The item made does not need to be finished to count.

5. Do something to beautify my home every day. That could mean home improvement projects I mean to tackle, yard work, or just cleaning up.

6. Make a meal plan, and only buy the items on the plan.

7. Don't buy anything I won't use immediately. That is to say, don't buy for stash.

8. In conjunction with #7, use the stash before buying. On the whole, in the last few years, I've done quite well with these two goals, and I want to continue with them, but I could do better at using up the stash.

9. If it takes less than 5 minutes to do, don't procrastinate about it.

10. Treat internet & game time as rewards - not to be done unless earned by crossing something off of the to-do list.

11. Review these goals at least every month, preferably more frequently. Post about achievements made by following these actions.


  1. Great goals! What is your Master's degree going to be in?

  2. These are good goals. I think it helps so much to break things down into specific, manageable tasks like this.