Thursday, April 19, 2012

A trip for Architecture

LTU exhibit space.  Work by Steve Rost

Yesterday, I went downtown to an exhibit of LTU architecture thesis projects. They were all about different strategied for the revitalization if downtown Detroit. Pictured above is some of the work of Prof. Steve Rost that is displayed in the same space. Sorry about the blurry iPhone photo.

Dime Building

It was in the Dime Building, in a space called Detroit Shop. The Dime Building itself has some interesting old details, from the overblown painted entablature, to decorative medallions on the elevator doors. The lobby is a two story glass-roofed space with some shops and restaurants, that has great potential as an indoor courtyard or tiny mall in the center of the city, though its location on Griswald means that it is not as likely to be noticed as some other locations.

Wayne State University

On my way out of the building, I started to think about taking photos of famous places and beautiful buildings in Detroit to share with all of you. Not the gorgeous ruins that are often the images exported from Detroit, but of the beautiful places that are still in use or have been reclaimed. I had tucked my phone away in the wrong place while searching for my ticket for the parking garage, and I was having trouble finding it again, but I did manage to get one photo before leaving Midtown, thanks to digging in my purse extensively at every stop light. I promise that in the future, I'll make the trip purposely, with plenty of time to walk around and take photos with my real camera. In the mean time, here's one of the older buildings of Wayne State University.

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