Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cocktail Wednesdays: The Cuban Rose

The Cuban Rose

I chose this week's cocktail, the Cuban Rose, from's list of classic cocktails, because it seemed like it would be a good combination with both my beet gnocci and Scott's puerco pibil. Apparently, this drink is from the The Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book, but the only place I could find the recipe online was on The recipe doesn't add up to the typical 3 oz pour, so I would recommend upping the quantities and keeping the proportions, if you would like to try it.

The Cuban Rose:

1 1/2 oz White Rum
3/4 oz Orange Juice
Dash of Grenadine

Shake ingredients over ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

The verdict: The few references I saw had led me to believe that it would be a considerably fruity drink, whereas I found it to be very spirit forward. I felt that I didn't really get much of the grenadine. Scott liked it. He noted the nice balance of sweet and sour. He seemed to think it was fruitier than I thought, but that may be because I had expectations, and he had none. I don't know where the photo on came from; there's no way a dash of grenadine would make a drink with orange juice look like that.

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