Thursday, April 5, 2012

Saturday in the City

Detroit Institute of Arts

This past weekend, Scott finally had the whole weekend off. On Saturday, we went to the Detroit Institute of Arts, where we saw the rest of the American art collection, as well as part of the Renaissance art collection, the Egyptian and ancient Babylonian artifacts, including a portion of the Ishtar gate.

Mural at Detroit Library

Afterward, we went across the street to the Detroit Library, which was open another hour after the DIA closed. We weren't there to see the above mural, or any of the other murals or stained glass in the building. We went to check out the records room for more clues in our recent search for Scott's ancestors. Even in the short space of an hour, we were able to pinpoint the link between the record we were certain was Scott's great-grandfather and other documents we had found but were uncertain belonged to him. We also found out that we were lucky enough to have started our search immediately before the 1940 census was released. Now, of course, we're trying to find the 1911 Scottish census, which is supposed to have already come out, but doesn't seem to be on

Cadieux Cafe

Afterward, we went to the Cadieux Café, a Belgian place on the east side, where we ate mussels, fries, and closed-face croque monsieur, drank beer, and speculated about feather bowling.

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