Monday, August 1, 2011

Maker Faire Detroit

Maker Faire Detroit 2011

The reason the last post was so late was that I have been busy. Thursday and Friday I volunteered to help set up Maker Faire Detroit in exchange for a couple of free tickets. I helped with Maker check-in and with setting up the Maker Shed. Set up was exhausting, and I didn't have much energy left on Thursday. Friday was more exciting because I got to meet a lot of interesting people and see more of the things they were presenting. Plus a friend and I hung around for the Maker mixer party. Make: Live filmed some of what was going on at the faire at that point, and you can see us in red shirts in the background.

Saturday was the day we attended the faire. Here are some photos of the things I captured before my camera died.

Maker Faire Detroit 2011

Maker Faire Detroit 2011

Maker Faire Detroit 2011

Maker Faire Detroit 2011 - Edison's stock ticker

Maker Faire Detroit 2011

Maker Faire Detroit 2011

Maker Faire Detroit 2011

Maker Faire Detroit 2011 - Circ Amongus

Maker Faire Detroit 2011

Maker Faire Detroit 2011 - Early Engine Club

You can see more photos and videos here. Some of the makers that caught my eye, or my taste buds were:

Charteuse Organic Tea, who makes fabulous caffeine-free herbal teas. My favorite was the Mountain Green.

Cheese from Traffic Jam & Snug

Willowbrook Farm Spices and Heirloom Seeds

The Cultured Cook taught me about oils

i3Detroit, OmniCorp Detroit and TechShop provide shared spaces, tools, equipment and even classes for people to make things.

Second Life Foundry welds cool things from salvaged materials.

MakerBot Industries brought new 3D printers with much higher resolution. TechZone Communications and RepRap brought open source 3D printers, many of which had parts made by other 3D printers. Shapeways will print your 3D designs for you, using many different materials, from plastic, to silver, to stainless steel, to glass.

TFB Plastics and Smooth-On should help us with perfecting some of Scott's costumes. The 501st showed some in-progress Storm Trooper suits.

Other things I enjoyed seeing were: The Coke & Mentos Fountain, The Life Sized Mouse Trap, The Power Racing Series, The Waterfall Swing. There was all kinds of cool stuff from science, to craft, to performance.

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