Thursday, August 11, 2011

Week in Review

So, what have I been doing in all of this time that I haven't posted?

Scandinavian Cardigan

I knitted my Scandinavian cardigan up to this point, when I seem to have run out of the main yarn. I may have more of it hidden in my stash somewhere, because I thought I had enough, since I had seven seemingly large balls, but either I misplaced some, or I needed more yardage than I thought. I can easily just finish the ends of the sleeves and the bottom of the body in black, but I don't really want to work with the remaining black yarn because it was very damaged. I don't know if this was a yarn quality issue or a result of the fact that this yarn was the oldest in my stash, but for the moment, I have put it to the side, and started a project with my next-oldest yarn.

Random stripe knee highs

These will be randomly striped knee-high socks in plain stockinette, or possibly with a ribbed leg. I am using dice to determine the striping pattern and stripe size. I am carrying the other colors up the sides, and I am knitting two socks at a time, pulling from either end of each ball, so things are getting a little tangled, as you can see. It isn't a real problem yet. I do need to check my technique for carrying up the sides. I'm not sure if it's right. It seems messier than it should be.

Other things I've done lately:

Fresh Bread

Baked bread

Heirloom Tomato

Finally getting to eat local heirloom tomatoes from the neighborhood fruit stand.

Japanese Black Trifele Tomato

The first ripening tomato in our garden is still on the vine. It's my favorite variety, Japanese Black Trifele.

Belle Isle Beach

On Saturday, a friend and I went to the beach on Belle Isle. This is her photo from a previous visit. The day we went was overcast, and we just waded deep in the river rather than actually swimming. I was really impressed by how clear the water is. It's not muddy like the Chattahoochee. I could see the minnows nibbling at my toes! The water was a lovely temperature as well.

After that, we went to B. Nektar Meadery for their annual anniversary event. We tasted mead, mixed drinks made with mead, ate hot dogs from Detroit Underdog, ate home-made ice cream from Treat Dreams, and listened to bands. The mead at B Nektar was my favorite at a tasting event last year, so I was excited to check out the event. It was just an extra bonus that Treat Dreams even had salted caramel ice cream on hand, like Morelli's.

Sunday, we had a great time at a friend's birthday/housewarming, and we got to chill in their pool. I brought them fresh baked bread and salt, for a blessing, and I have received lots of compliments since they've tried it.

Monday, I helped Scott's cousin with wedding preparation. I also taught reels of four at dance class.

Tuesday, I dealt with some of the craziness that is our veggie garden.



The squash has really overgrown its bounds.


Not only is it out of its bed, it's into others.

Long Island Cheese Squash

The pumpkin-like squash is taking over the fence.

Thelma Saunders Squash

I'm not cutting them back, though, because they are fruiting in those areas.

Detroit Dark Red Beet

The Detroit Dark Red Beets are a success, and seem to already have beetroots the size of my fist.

Japanese Black Trifele Tomato

The Japanese Black Trifele is the first tomato to ripen.

Amish Paste Tomato

The Amish Paste tomatoes are bearing fruit as well.


Basil is prolific.


Sunflowers are growing as stakes for burgeoning pole beans.

Additionally, I am harvesting bush beans and small eggplants, cucumbers and melons are flowering, and the borage is having a field day.


  1. Wow! You sound very productive. Your garden is gorgeous...lots of fun things are growing.

  2. Exciting to see some knitting on your blog! I hope the rest of that yarn turns up somewhere.