Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crepe Sew Along 5: Ready to Sew

Crepe sew along ready for sewing

Today, I finally got to the point when I have everything set up on Gertie's "pre-sew checklist".

I used the silk organza strip method to stabilize the neckline, then tried the silk bias strips for the arms, like Gertie. You can see the tan strips that I hand basted at these openings. Remember, the light blue is my underlining, and the dark purple is the dress fabric. I think I prefer the bias strips, but maybe they should be wider. We'll see.

Next, I redrafted all of the facings to match my alterations. Then, I fused lightweight interfacing to the neckline facings. I had to go out to the fabric store to pick up the interfacing because I thought the organza replaced the need for interfacing. Oops! Well, it was a good excuse to drop by Haberman Fabrics on the way to pick Scott up at work when his car was out of commission. It's probably a good thing that I had to get him because all the wool fabrics were 40% off. As much as I might want to, I can't go and splurge for a new dress when I haven't even finished this one.

I also cut out my sash, which is made of a lovely batik fabric from Material Girls Quilts. Unfortunately, the amount of fabric I bought was not enough to cut the sash as a single piece, so I cut strips and spliced them together at an angle. I decided not to trim the final strip to length just yet, because I tend to like long ties.

It was nice to actually get my machine out for this. I am pretty tired of hand basting, even if it does keep the fabric lined up better. Plus, I am so enamored with my new machine. It's a joy to use.

Up next: sewing.

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