Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids St. Patrick's Day Parade

This past weekend, I went to the west side of the state for the first time. Scott's entire family spent the weekend in Grand Rapids to celebrate his mom's birthday. Now, Grand Rapids might not seem like a vacation destination, but it had more than enough going on to fill the weekend.

Grand Rapids St. Patrick's Day Parade

First, we joined in the Grand Rapids St. Patrick's Day parade.

Grand Rapids St. Patrick's Day Parade

You can see from this picture as the parade was setting up that even the snow plows got in on the action - and these plows are much bigger than what we have here, since they have lake effect to contend with. They're not fooling around!

Grand Rapids St. Patrick's Day Parade

At the end of the parade, we hung out and listened to the band for a while.

Grand Rapids St. Patrick's Day Parade

Grand Rapids St. Patrick's Day Parade

After grabbing a bite to eat, we went to the Grand Rapids Public Museum, where we saw the Bodies Revealed exhibit, which I believe is a slightly smaller version of Bodies, the Exhibition.

Museum in Grand Rapids - Whale Skeleton

The permanent collection has a lot of interesting stuff as well, from this whale skeleton to an interesting living history area from the late 1800s, where we saw a very cool printing press in operation, saw mill steam engines, and the ride we took on the carousel.

Museum in Grand Rapids - Steam Engine

That evening, we went to The B.O.B. for dinner, drinks and hanging out listening to the band at Bobarinos. B.O.B. stands for Big Old Building, and it's basically an old warehouse that has been reclaimed and made into a cool space full of restaurants, bars and clubs. It's an especially good idea for a place like Grand Rapids when it's cold because you don't need to go outside all evening.

Sunday, the big event was indoor putt-putt golf. This particular course was special because it was part of the Laugh Fest event going on in Grand Rapids all through March -- unfortunately, we were too late to buy tickets to see Bill Cosby. Anyway, each of the holes were designed and created by an artist, and they were all pretty cooky and fun.

Lastly, a stop on the way home at Pizza House for some stuffed deep dish pizza and Reeces milkshakes, and we called it a good weekend.

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