Thursday, March 24, 2011


Seed Buying

In gardening news, we have received all of the seeds I ordered from Seed Savers Exchange, and with a few others from the garden center, I started them in seed trays to get ready for the upcoming spring.


It is exciting to see them poking their little heads up, but I am ready for spring to be here. Now.

I hear my friends and family in Atlanta talking about warm weather, not just crocuses blooming, but cherry blossoms. I am so jealous. My southern internal clock is telling me, "It's time for spring!" Here, there is nothing blooming outside. What I have instead is a backyard swamp.

Snowmelt Swamp

It started with the snowmelt, and then continued with sleet and rain. Ick. Today is sunny and pretty outside, but it's 31ºF, and my back yard is still half lake, which the dog likes to bring inside for me.

Thander, superman pose

At least he's cute, right? Even if he likes to contort himself as he naps on the floor. (I apologize for the poor photo quality.)


  1. You're not missing much here in Atlanta, I promise. We're already done with the nice part of spring (all two weeks of it), and have moved on to the pollen phase. Everything is yellow. I tried to work outside for a while yesterday, but I was having to wipe the computer screen off every 10 minutes (literally!) because it was covered in pollen.

  2. Well, that sure makes me feel better.