Friday, December 3, 2010


Happy belated Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for the ability to spend my days with the man I love, and for all of my wonderful, supportive family and friends.

Sadly, the above picture is not from the Thanksgiving dinner we attended at Scott's aunt's house, it is from BraveTart's blog post about a heritage Thanksgiving. Her post is a beautiful post about creating a locavore feast that truly celebrates the harvest bounty of her area. Her recipes look amazing, too, so check it out. I have a fair amount of sage in the front yard, since it is the only herb Scott planted last year that is perennial here, so I definitely want to try the Sweet Potatoes with Brown Butter Sage Marshmallows.

Thanksgiving here was fairly standard and typically traditional. I hear that things were a bit more exciting at my aunt's house, with people trying new recipes, and sneaking The Pioneer Woman's sweet rolls.

I bought a turkey at the grocery store after Thanksgiving to get some extra savings, and since we didn't bring home any leftovers. Plus, I like to make broth from the carcass every year. I cook it down so that it is concentrated and freeze it in ice cube treys which I then empty into a plastic bag in the freezer. I use these cubes like bullion cubes any time I make a recipe with broth all year long, and it gives me real broth that isn't full of salt. Plus it's really easy, since the broth can bubble away mostly unattended.

I guess I'll be making a second, more low key Thanksgiving. Maybe we'll invite some friends. I can experiment with sides. Any suggestions?


  1. Em had some fantastic recipes for maple bacon brussel sprouts and shallots in red wine sauce that both seemed pretty straightforward.

  2. Ha! I was coming to post the exact same two suggestions. They were pretty easy and quite tasty. And I have links! They're both from Craft, so you may have seen them already.

    Shallots in Red Wine
    Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with Maple Syrup and Bacon