Friday, December 3, 2010

Concept Boards - Taking Note

Early last month, there was a post on the Collete Patterns blog about concept boards. I really like the idea of having a visual collection of the things I like and being able to see them together to get an overall feel of what I am going for, but I am loath to tear up magazines or books that I like, and I don't have easy access to copying or scanning them. I also find a lot of inspiration on the internet, which I then feel the need note so that I can return to it. I often have multiple tags open in my browser, and I have been dumping some of those ideas here so that I won't lose them. Of course, it doesn't seem to be very interesting to you, my readers, given that I never get any comments on these posts.

Thanks to The Snug Bug and Ysolda Teague, I have found the solution to this dilemma, which is a website called Pinterest. When I come across something on the web that I particularly like, something that inspires me in some way, I just hit a button on my bookmark tool bar and "pin it" to one of my boards. I can also see what other people have pinned and follow them, repin, etc. It really helps me to get a cohesive vision. If you like the random images that I post, then you can follow me there.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome find! I've been wishing for a site like this for a long time. Now I just gotta wait for them to add me to the beta...