Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things Worth Noting

This is just a collection of things that have caught my eye over the last week or so.

Mata Hari, posted by For the Visionaries. I just love the lines of her hairdo and the headpeace. There is something so striking about her.

This necklace was made by Just Expressive I think that it is a really creative way to put a necklace together. I love the color combination and the contrast in textures.

I also feel a need to share the eggcorn database. Eggcorn is a word coined (and now included in the Oxford English Dictionary, I believe) to describe words that people miswrite due to the way that they sound, especially in idioms. These are the kind of things that I encounter on the internet that make me cringe. I have occasionally even seen them in e-mails from people I have worked with. It usually bothers me and I don't know whether to correct them or let it lie, especially in a professional setting when you don't want to see a person making that kind of mistake in something sent to a client. After all, I don't want to be that irritating person who tells you that, for example, penultimate means next-to-last, not some somehow greater or more important way of saying last. Plus, I know I am not a perfect speller, and I do make typos. It's just that eggcorns aren't just typos, or not really knowing how to spell a word. They are generally misunderstandings of what a word or phrase means, like using "all intensive purposes" in lieu of "all intents and purposes," or using "isle" in lieu of "aisle." Certainly, I am guilty of not knowing some of them; for example, the idiom I thought was "tow the line" is in fact originally "toe the line," meaning something more like "step up to the plate" rather than to just go along with it. At least I can feel better that it is one of the most commonly used eggcorns, and it is actually starting to become acceptable. At any rate, this database is fabulously interesting, and it kind of helps with that "stupid people on the internet" feeling.

In interiors:

I like the rustic construction of this table top. It's interesting and atypical. This is from an Apartment Therapy home tour. Not a fan of the architecture of the house, but some of the furnishings I do like.

More of that traditional Scandinavian feel via Apartment Therapy.

I love the architectural details -- like this door -- and some of the deep colors used in this house tour.

These Royal Mail stamp rugs somehow manages a balance between kitch and class.

From Phoebe Howard, via Apartment Therapy. Classy and quirky all at the same time.

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