Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Interior Design

Cat bathroom primed

As I wait for the primer in the half bathroom to dry, I am going to take a moment to share some of the things that I have been enjoying in the design realm recently.  Unless noted otherwise, I have pulled these from Apartment Therapy.

I really like the way that the pictures are grouped in the background, with the letters. I also like that green pillow.

I like the use of the road signs here, and the big, graphic curtain.

I love the big, happy poster. I suppose that the fact that I ride a Peugeot helps, too.

I think the way that this image over the bed is split into two is interesting, and I love the pop of color from the blanket. This couple has really done an inspiring amount in their home.

I am also loving what color contrast is doing here, and I am just generally enjoying this new homeowner's blog.

I am also loving her kitchen transformation, and only partly because I love subway tile.

I am looking at more images of butcher block countertop, especially given it's relative affordability, while still being real, substantial and durable.

How clever is that for a one bedroom apartment?

More of the same apartment...

I also really like the way that they creatively re-organized their apartment. Putting the "dressing room" by the bathroom to accomodate their closet space really seems to have allowed them to have much more usable space in their apartment, rather than an awkwardly large bedroom with no room for anything else.

My mind has been stewing about attractive outdoor spaces lately.

And apparently espalier pear trees. Thanks, Heritage Radio Network.

I also saw a tutorial post last week or the week before about this shower curtain. The curtain in our bathroom is driving me crazy because it is dark and blocks out the light, making it difficult to see while shaving.

Shower curtain

See? Plus, I thought it would go better with the color scheme and Scott's stenciling. Anyhow, I went to Ikea last week with the idea that I would completely copy this person's idea, yet because I had not bookmarked the tutorial the first time I saw it, by the time I saw the curtain at Ikea, the shower curtain had morphed in my head into something more like this, but in black and white:

Perhaps if the end result had been more similar to what was in my head, like one of these, I would have gone for it, but instead, I thought they were no longer carrying the curtains in question.

While I was there, I did buy curtains for the living room. Earlier today, I finished spraying the curtain rods and rod supports that Scott already had brown so that we can hang the curtains.

Curtain rods

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