Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Party

I was pleased the kitchen paint job done before our Halloween party last Friday. Scott always hosts a fairly large party on Halloween Friday, and this year was no exception. We even had a friend dressed as Captain America tending the bar for awhile:

Halloween Party 2010

I brought out my Black Cat costume from Dragon*Con:

Black Cat Costume

Scott also rocked a Dragon*Con costume, because we concentrated our costume-making efforts on turning Thander into an Imperial Walker (AT-AT):

Imperial Walker (AT-AT) Dog Costume

A good time was had by all, and we even had 11 people spend the night and stay for breakfast. We made "superhero breakfast", which is what Scott calls eggs-in-a-basket because of V for Vendetta. We used a star-shaped cookie-cutter to make them even more super hero themed. On Sunday, we used the leftover stars to make little french toasts:

Star French Toast

I promise, they're bread, not murdered starfish.


  1. Those are serious costumes, very nice!

    Your dog's adorable :)

  2. Fun! And that breakfast looks delicious.