Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hellenic Beetons

Single  Layer Mrs. Beetons

I just finished my final project for the Ravellenic Games, using up the last bit of that lovely cashmere and completing the set with a pair of wrist warmers. The pattern I used is Mrs. Beeton, by Brenda Dayne. Brenda is also responsible for the Cast On podcast, a perennial favorite of mine. She also wrote the Pembrokeshire Pathways pattern I used for a pair of socks back in 2008, and she has written an upcoming pattern book, Welsh for Rainbow, which is already available in part in digital form.

Single  Layer Mrs. Beetons

Based on the amount of yarn I had remaining, I chose to knit only a single layer of ruffles, and not to worry about beads or picot edging. I am still quite pleased with the result. They should doo a goot job of keeping me warm while peeking out of my coat-sleeves this winter.

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