Saturday, March 3, 2012

Flooding Update: More Flooding

More Basement Flooding

We had a fair amount of rain yesterday -- nowhere near as much as last year -- but when I went into the basement, I found two large puddles spreading across the floor. It turns out that the water table has risen so much that it was seeping through the slab. The biggest good news was that it wasn't sewage. The rest of the good news is that it didn't get deep enough to cause any damage, and thanks to the wet-dry shop vac that Scott bought after last time, we were able to get things dry in about two hours fromt eh time I first noticed the leak. Still, this means that we have to dig a pit and install a sump pump to prevent this from happening in the future before we can finish the basement. (The picture above shows the floor still damp, after the water was removed.) Another setback, just wen it seemed that we were finally moving forward.

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