Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Flapper Hat - Side Slip Cloche

Side slip cloche

Earlier this month, I knit the Side Slip Cloche, using Sanguine Gryphon Codex yarn in the Sayida al Hurra colorway, which my friend Skellington gave me over the holidays. I really enjoyed working with this yarn, and the resulting variegation in color was very pretty and interesting, with no pooling. Of course, Sanguine Gryphon no longer exists, so I'm glad to have had the chance to try some of their yarn from before they split into Verdant Gryphon and Cephalopod Yarns.

It was also a lot of fun to do a quick project with yarn that was new, and hadn't been sitting in my stash with a plan for years. It was a nice refresher and got me excited about going back to the stash again.

Side slip cloche

The hat was designed to be worn with the ruffle pointing forward, but on the cover of the book it is worn with the ruffle pointing back. Compare the two looks.

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  1. It's so cute either way! But I think I like it best with the ruffle in the front.