Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Day of Spring

Snow Drop

It was the first day of spring, and I am happy to say that this year it actually felt like it. Now only did we have gorgeous weather, but over the last week, many more blooms have opened in our yard.

The snow drops pictured above are just basically done.


After that first yellow bloom, the crocuses opened up in clusters of contrasting colors this week.

Winter Aconite

Winter Aconite is an early bloomer in the shade.


The day after I took the crocus, snow drop, and aconite photos, the daffodils bloomed. In this photo, you can also see that the rosemary managed to survive the winter, and the quince is forming buds. I am hoping that the bigger and more established that the rosemary is, the more it will be able to withstand harsher winters, since this year was a mild one.


I brought some inside yesterday.


I filled a glass with cut purple crocuses as well, but they don't have the staying power daffodils in a vase.


Today, I noticed some large spears on our older asparagus crowns, which means that I should be able to harvest asparagus from my own yard for the first time later this week.


  1. We got 3ft of snow last weekend. I have noticed some bulbs starting to poke up around town and buds on the trees, so maybe it'll come soon. That's a good idea to plant a bunch of early-blooming bulbs to get the color started early.

    1. Sadly, you don't have much control over that when you're a nomad.

  2. Lovely blooms! I especially like those crocuses (croci?) with the striations of purple.