Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I do during a brown out

Cassis Ice Cream

When I tried the ice cream, it turned out to be a lovely texture despite the lack of an ice cream churn. With the brown outs we've had over the last few days thanks to a heat wave and our neighbors cranking their air conditioners to the limit, I imagine I'll be eating it all in the next few days.

Natural Cream Wensleydale

Natural Grey Wensleydale

Another thing I've done lately is spin up a total of 5oz of natural colored Wensleydale from a Michigan farmer. This is the fiber I bought last fall, just after I moved here, at the spinning presentation. Finally, thanks to my attempts to participate in Tour de Fleece, I have spun it up.

I'm not participating in the full blown Tour, but I have been trying to spin at least a little every day that I can. This past weekend, there was no spinning because we went to Stratford, Ontario with friends. We saw Merry Wives of Windsor at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. The rest of the weekend was spent exploring the lovely town of Stratford, both on foot and on a tandem bicycle. It was a great weekend getaway, and my first time in Canada.

We returned home to a brown out, which seemed to end Monday, then the power went down again on Tuesday. Yesterday, I spent doing yard work, and I managed to get some spinning and studying done while the sun was up. Last night, we went to a movie just to be somewhere with lighting after dark. Today, power returned just as I finished my book. Hopefully it's over now, and we can actually host drink night. Admittedly, though it was good for my productivity to have the computer and the TV out of the picture all day.

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