Thursday, July 14, 2011

Black Currant Ice Cream

Black Currant

The black currants I did not use to make jam -- 150g to be precise -- went into making cassis ice cream. I combined two recipes in particular, after reviewing a number. Neither of these recipes call for an ice-cream maker, and I suppose I could have simply divided this one by 1/3, but I was especially interested in trying this one because it is entirely proportional, so I could use it no matter how much I harvested. The only real change from the second recipe was that I added an egg in the manner described in the first recipe.

Since most of my followers don't speak French, here's what I did:

I boiled the black currants in a little water for a few minutes to soften them. The currants quickly became soft, broke and began to boil. I transferred them to the blender and liquified them. Because the mixture was thicker than the juice I was expecting, I measured the amount that came out of the blender and added enough water to get it back to the original weight of the fruit before boiling. Next, I added 1/2 the weight of the currants in powdered sugar. I seperated an egg and added the yolk to this mixture. I placed the sugared juice in the freezer to cool. Then, I whipped the eggwhite to hard peaks and popped that bowl in the refrigerator. In a separate bowl, I whipped 2/3 the volume of the currant juice of whipping cream.

local whipping cream

You should have seen the cream. I bought local whipping cream from Calder Brothers Dairy for the first time, It was so rich that when I poured it out of the bottle, there were globs of cream so thick you would think it had already been whipped. When I tried to shake it a little to homogenize it before using it in vodka cream sauce for last night's dinner, I actually managed to whip it slightly in the bottle. I have never before seen cream so rich. I misjudged how much I would need for the ice cream, butterbeer and vodka sauce, so I envision more home made ice cream, strawberry shortcake and possibly Devon-style double-cream in our very near future -- like next week.

Cassis Ice Cream

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