Friday, July 1, 2011

Green Almonds

Last week, I went to a small neighborhood grocer that I had never been to before. I had been curious, and a couple of folks in my knitting group recommended them. I was impressed by the selection of produce, and the prices, which were mostly much lower than the prices at the large chain store in our neighborhood. Plus, along with hard to find things like passionfruit, heirloom tomatoes, and guava, there were things there that I had never seen before: like green almonds.

This isn't a picture of the green almonds I bought, since I ate those while my camera was charging. The picture is from here. This article was the one that piqued my interest and made me go back this week to pick them up and try them. Unfortunately, with the short season for green almonds, I was unable to get them early enough to eat whole while the nut is completely undeveloped, but I did get them in the second stage, when the nut is milky and grassy with only a slight hint of amaretto. A really lovely snack.

I found that this grocer sold mostly Arabic and Latin foods, and they have breads from a local arabic bakery as well as unusual cheeses and yogurts. Then there are the huge bins of different types of spiced and roasted almonds and sunflower seeds, and a whole salad bar of different types of olives. I am definitely continuing to shop there. Plus maybe this will give me the confidence to go into some of the local groceries whose signs are in Arabic.

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