Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fall into winter

It's been raining and snowing day after day this week, and we need to get the yard cleared out before winter really comes, before the snow stops melting during the day, the ground freezes, and the snow sticks permanently. If we're going to excavate the basement wall before this happens, step one is to clear out the leaves, since we haven't gotten a chance to rake the back yet. But before I can rake the back, I needed to finish up raking the front. You see, I have raked the front several times, but never managed to finish and get the sides of the yard.


Our lawn isn't big, but we have several large trees, including the biggest maple on the block. The most difficult problem is that our big sycamore trees in the front drop leaves the size of my head. Just bagging up the sycamore leaves on the sides of our house took me a couple of hours and eight lawn bags. Six of those bags were just from the side in the picture above. I also ended up with a bin full of sticks and picked up a large branch that broke and fell from one of the sycamores. I may have been dealing with wet leaves, but at least it's progress.

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