Monday, June 27, 2011


Veggie garden

I haven't posted about the garden for a while, and honestly, I haven't done much in it, until last week. I did a lot of weeding and thinning plants. I also harvested cherries and strawberries.

This is just a quick post, but enjoy some pictures while I go out and do more yard work.

Veggie garden

Boothby's Blonde Cucymber

Russian Red Kale

Mixed lettuce and orange cosmos

German Butterball Potatoes


Ripe Cherries

Strawberries - Quinnault

Black Currant


King of the North Red Pepper

Sour Cherry Harvest

This is the second harvest ever from the sour cherry tree: 2 lb 11oz. Last year, we only had a small bowl, around the size of that bowl of strawberries. I made cherry clafoutis yesterday, and I will be making pies as well.


  1. Those cherries look delicious! That's only the second year for the tree? What variety is it?