Friday, June 17, 2011

Flooding: Update 5

Basement Storage Room - sealed

Since the last post, I have painted and waterproofed the cinderblock with the Drylok.

The next thing to do was to take care of the floor. At first, we thought we could just paint over it. Then, as I was sweeping up, starting to clean the floor again before painting, I realized that the paint was peeling up in places, and in fact there were places where I could literally peel it up with my hands. Since then, Scott and I have been working on stripping the floor. We're on the third coat of concrete and masonry stripper. I tried to apply the first coat with a squeegee, which was a mistake, because it was so uneven. The second coat was more effective overall. We've gotten through carpet adhesive and several coats of paint. I hope to get down to clean concrete tomorrow.

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