Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An attempt at a light fixture

Tuesday, I set about installing a new lamp shade in the dining room. Do you remember my inspiration photo for our living and dining room?

Right, well, I recovered a drum shade and attempted to replace our stained glass shade with it, so that our dining room might look more like my inspiration room, and less like a Ruby Tuesday's restaurant. Finally, on Tuesday, after painstakingly removing the light fixture from the ceiling and taking it apart, which required un-threading the wires from the top, I found out that the shade would not work.

Dining room drum shade fail

As you can see, the supportive ring at the center of the shade is so thick that the threaded tube on the fixture barely clears the top. Unfortunately, this threaded tube is where the chain that supports the fixture from the ceiling attaches. I couldn't even get the fitting on the end of the chain to catch. In other words, there was no way to securely suspend it from the ceiling. So much for the DIY version of the drum shade.

After re-affixing the chandelier in the dining room ceiling, I felt pretty bummed out. I had done a good amount of work, and I had certainly given my triceps a test as I held that fixture up while working with a screwdriver, but I had nothing to show for it.

**Ding, dong.**

Enter the flower delivery guy.

Spring flowers

My parents sent me a bouquet of spring flowers. It brightened my day right up. Thanks guys!

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