Friday, June 8, 2012

Cocktail Wednesdays: The Absinthe Frappé

Absinthe Frappé

We chose The Absinthe Frappé this week because I had recently discussed absinthe with our guests who joined us this week for the first time.  One is a big fan of licorice and it had been suggested that she should try absinthe, so I thought we'd give her the opportunity with an absinthe based drink.  A frappé in the cocktail sense means to fill a glass with crushed ice. The recipe is a simple, old one, from back when ice in summer was a marvel and absinthe was one of the ruling spirits.  All that crushed ice still makes it a great summer drink.

The Absinthe Frappé

1.5 oz Absinthe
1 tsp Simple Syrup

Combine absinthe and syrup in a mixing glass, stir.
Fill a rocks glass brimming with crushed ice and pour absinthe mixture over.
(Optional) Top with a splash of Seltzer.
Garnish with orange and mint.

The verdict: All of us enjoyed this drink, but absinthe has a pretty intense flavor, so I think it might be a bit much for some people.  There aren't a lot of cocktails where absinthe is the main spirit, and I think this strength is the reason.  It is much more often used as a small addition.  The syrup and the ice help balance it out, and you still get a good understanding of the flavor of the absinthe, because the flavor is still so strong.  Variants include using other types of sweeteners, which could be interesting.  If you like absinthe or licorice, this is a good summery drink, but it's not for everyone, nor is it as easy-sipping as a Mint Julep, Mojito, Margarita, or Tom Collins.

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